"I appreciate all the help you have given me over the last 10+ years.  You made a very tricky situation very manageable.  I didn't worry much at all during those years, because I knew all I needed was to call you." ~ RS, Austin, TX

"You have always provided me stellar customer service and have been extremely professional.  Your understanding to a somewhat, well, rather very personal issue is the reason I will continue to have you process my tax documents.  Cindy, seriously - You made all the difference in the world to make a messed up situation sooo much better.  I will never forget your kindness." ~ B.W., Austin, TX

"Wow...  Look how much I saved!" ~ J.L., Apalachin, NY

"Cynthia has handled my taxes and IRS negotiations for over a decade.  She is the most competent, caring and honest tax professional there is.  She has negotiated for me, over $400,000 in tax liability down to $15,000 and I have the framed tax lien releases hanging on my office wall to prove it.  She is a star." ~ S.M., Austin, TX