Payroll Tax Filing

Lloyd, Young & Cassidy provides payroll calculations and filings for a number of smaller employers who do not need the added expense of full service payroll assistance.  Many small businesses with a handful of employees can easily meet payroll tax and filing obligations without the added expense of a payroll service.  Cynthia Cassidy has worked with clients to determine the level of support needed, balancing cost effectiveness with time management, to best meet the needs of the client.  With this level of personal service and attention, she is proud to have played a supporting role in the growth of many local small businesses as they move from small employers to a point that a payroll service is the best option.

Services Include:

  • Calculation of Payroll Tax Withholdings
  • Quarterly Federal and State Payroll Filings
  • Annual FUTA Filing
  • Annual Preparation of Forms W-2/W-3 Transmittal
  • Forms W-7, Individual Tax Identification Number
  • Forms I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification